About us

Located on the rolling hills of the Bellarine Peninsula our sheep grow up with fresh lush pastures, open paddocks and are regularly handled for drenching, tagging, etc.

Some 30 years ago we made the life changing decision to sell every wool sheep on the property and begin a new venture into shedding meat sheep!

We have pure Wiltipoll, pure Dorper and composite Wiltipoll/Dorper shedding sheep. All our sheep are horn free.


Our composite Wiltipoll/White Dorper suit many people because they combine the best of both shedding breeds – very hardy, low maintenance, quick growth and shedding ability.

We’ve dedicated the last 30 years to breeding low maintenance easy care sheep, grown on healthy fresh pastures with plenty of open space.page 2

We concentrate on rearing, caring for and enjoying these sheep in clean country air ..Our Flock is Brucellosis Accredited and OJD approved. Come and visit us … you’ll see the benefits of our approach.

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