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Our Wiltipoll sheep were developed in Australia from the Wiltshire Horn shedding horned sheep and Poll Dorset sheep back in the 1980s.

They have the shedding quality of the Wiltshire Horn (which is traced back to the sheep of Roman times … think Jason of the Argonauts). They were bred with other hard footed, shedding, horn free sheep into what we know today as the Wiltipoll.

The Wiltipoll breed is particularly known for:

  • Shedding their fleece annually (completely shedding – no need for any shearing or crutching)
  • Having no horns
  • Being resistant to fly strike and lice
  • Needing no jetting, dipping or mulesing
  • Having high percentage of multiple births
  • Excellent Mothering and milk supply
  • Being large framed excellent meat sheep